Hello (2 min read)

Hello and thank you for visiting my new blog!

This is something I’ve wanted to get back into for a while now, I used to blog a lot in the past but running a business single-handedly meant the blog ended up a bit neglected. So despite this being an incredibly busy time of year (especially for us small businesses!) I’ve decided there’s no time like the present and decided to launch anyway!


I’ll keep this short and sweet as there’s loads of stuff I’d love to share with you properly rather than listing it all off, but if you’re interested in art, fashion, inspiring creative figures, sustainability and craftsmanship, this will be right up your street.

You can expect to see lots of stories, exhibitions, events and behind the scenes on here, as well as a good chance of my musings as a creative business owner…because sometimes it’s good to get stuff off your chest.

That’s all for now, as I’m currently getting prepped for my Middlesborough Christmas hut next week, but looking forward to sharing more on here and hopefully sparking some interesting and creative discussions with you along the way!

Melanie xx