Melanie Kyles is a contemporary embroidery artist based in Newcastle, UK. She works from her studio in Ampersand Inventions, creating distinguishable hand-embroidered pieces that stem from her own hand-drawn designs and writing. Current works include illustrated portraits of influential women, of those who lead, inspire and create.

Artistic practice plays an important role in the work of Melanie Kyles. She has exhibited internationally with her embellished sculptures, and co-curated an international show of 22 artists to mark International Women’s Day in Vane gallery.


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From studying the sustainability of the fashion industry and becoming aware of the effects of fast fashion on communities and on the environment, Melanie has always made an effort to ensure her products are created responsibly, sourcing quality materials and garments that are either pre-loved or created under ethical and environmentally friendly conditions. Quality garments are sourced from European company 'Earth Positive', who manufacture organic cotton clothing using ethical practices and carbon neutral production. All quality ribbons used in Melanie Kyles accessories are sourced from an independent UK supplier, and beads, threads and crystals are sourced from trusted French and German suppliers.

The main aim of being a sustainable business is the quality and longevity of each piece. Because quality materials are used, and each piece is especially designed with the individual in mind rather than following fast-fashion trends, with the right love and care, each Melanie Kyles piece should last a lifetime.


The hand-on approach may not mean that Melanie Kyles is able to produce multiple products that are identical to one another, but would she want to? Each hand-embroidered piece has years of training and practice behind it, and usually hours of work on each individual piece. Like fingerprints, no two pieces are the same due to the nature of all things handmade, so your Melanie Kyles piece is as unique as you are! The bespoke service of commissioning an embroidered piece means you are able to hand-pick your embroidery colours at no extra charge.