Founded by Melanie Kyles in 2013, the Melanie Kyles accessories brand has been through quite the transformation. From modest beginnings of reworked tailored collars and cuffs, to opulent occasion pieces, to more wearable luxe accessories, the core values have always remained the same. After studying the sustainability of the fashion industry for her dissertation, there has always been a consciousness of responsibility when creating accessories, to focus on style rather than flash trends, creating pieces that are versatile.

Each piece is skilfully designed and made in-house here in the UK, which enables us to oversee the process each step of the way. We create each piece to fit seamlessly into your busy life, whether to add a bit of sass to your day-to-day smasual uniform, or going all out for an important event, we have you covered. We are inspired by the women we surround ourselves by, the sisters who are doing it for themselves and those who aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine!