Art is, and always has been, a huge influence on Melanie’s creative practice. Since launching Praxis gallery in 2014 with her debut solo show ‘Holier Than Thou’ inspired by Botticelli and Da Vinci, with the support of Ampersand Inventions and Vane gallery she has gone on to exhibit nationally and internationally with her hand-embellished sculptures, and also go on to co-curate several group shows in Vane to mark International Women’s Day. Melanie has also worked with Fine Art BA students from Newcastle University, teaching them skills in sewing and fashion manipulation, bridging the gap between art and fashion.


Since launching Praxis gallery back in 2014 with her hand-embroidered Da Vinci and Botticelli art plates, Melanie Kyles has since exhibited with Vane gallery in Manchester Contemporary several times, Brooklyn as part of 'Exchange Rates', and also in Vane. Her practice combines...


With her love of art and experience of being immersed in the artist community, Melanie Kyles has since co-curated two exhibitions in Vane gallery to mark International Women's Day with undergraduate artist Caitlin Heaney. With both shows serving a societal purpose and provoking discussion, Melanie's curatorial work brings together various artistic practices to highlight current trends and interesting conversations.