About Melanie Kyles

Melanie Kyles is a contemporary embroidery artist based in Newcastle, UK. She works from her studio in Ampersand Inventions, creating distinguishable hand-embroidered pieces that stem from her own hand-drawn designs and writing. Current works include illustrated portraits of influential women, of those who lead, inspire and create.

After graduating from Newcastle college, Melanie had a desire to create a fashion brand focussed on offering people a sustainable choice without compromising on the artistic design integrity of the pieces. With a mission to prove that the craftsmanship of hand embroidery can be used in a contemporary art context, Melanie continued to explore her abilities as an artist alongside her fashion brand. Her first solo exhibition was held in Praxis Gallery, Newcastle where she demonstrated her ability to merge the worlds of art, craft and fashion by embroiling vintage art pages.

  • Embellished upcycled neckpiece yr2
  • Northern Goldsmiths Collaboration Detail
  • Division of Labour (Fig.1)
    • IMG_1594
    • Frida t-shirt detail
    • DSC_8181

      Since then Melanie’s work, of both a wearable and conceptual nature, has been featured in fashion shows within the north east and has reached an global audience through international exhibition, publication and sale. In 2017 Melanie decided to focus on her business full time and, since then, has developed a portfolio of wearable art that rings true to the core values of both her person and brand.