A closer look into the woman behind the brand.

Melanie Kyles

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  • Division of Labour (Fig.1)
  • Boundaries Without Land


    As both an exhibiting artist and curator, Melanie has experience of working closely with other artists in a gallery setting. From her debut solo exhibition ‘Holier Than Thou’ in Praxis gallery back in 2014, to featuring in Manchester Contemporary and internationally at Art Helix, Brooklyn with Vane gallery, her artwork has evolved from embroidered art plates inspired by the likes of Maurizio Anzeri to creating more abstract embellished sculptures, incorporating traditional embroidery materials and placing them in a contemporary art context. Her close work with Vane gallery has led to independently co-curating exhibitions for International Women’s Day, featuring female and under-represented artists and showcasing their work with a fresh and engaging approach. Melanie has used her collaborative approach and attention to detail to work with artists to create supportive material for each show, including working with local illustrators to produce a zine and poster for her last internationally curated exhibition.


    Based in Commercal Union House, Newcastle upon Tyne, Melanie's studio forms part of a dynamic creative, cultural and educational community. She surrounds herself with vibrant and aclectic, yet contemporary asthetic. Stepping through the door transports you into a world of Melanie Kyles and the room resonates the image of her personal brand. 

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